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Weekend Recap: Ritual Houston + Citrus Balsamic Marinade + Downtown Tomball

Ritual Houston

Jon Boy and I FINALLY got a date night “in town” after a YEAR of living here in Houston. WHEW! Every single time we’ve scheduled a date night that involved coming in town to a new, trendy restaurant, something terrible would happen. Someone was sick, our dog was dying, someone died in the family, work

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Labor Day Yard Work – Putting the “Labor” in Labor Day!

labor day yardwork

We decided to spend our Labor Day doing… LABOR. And lots of it! We really needed to redo our front beds (soil, mulch, flowers, everything…), so we decided to take advantage of Jon’s day off and knock it all out. Lucky for us, Houston Garden Centers was doing their 70% off sale. We had one

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Hurricane Decorating + Houston Strong T-Shirts + More Ways to Donate to Harvey Victims

hurricane decor

Jon and I got just a little stir crazy while we were hunkered down for Hurricane Harvey. We decided to clean and decorate for fall while we were waiting around. (Jon was so, so excited for this fun chore.) I’ll let the pictures do the talkin’ here. My sister-in-law sent me some great links for

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Hunkered Down for Harvey

hunkered down for harvey

While we were extremely lucky to have no damage to our home, many thousands of other families all around Texas and Louisiana (and I fear even in more states the way Harvey is going) cannot say the same. They’re waking up in shelters, at the homes of friends and family, and some aren’t waking up

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Red Wine Pot Roast + Thursday Things

pioneer woman red wine pot roast

Is it fall yet? I mean for real. I’m ready for leggings, tunics, Bath and Body Works candles, and comfort food. Oh wait. I’m kind of workin’ all those things already. Sorry, not sorry. But really, c’mon fall. It’s friggin’ hot. I made this somewhat fancy pot roast on Tuesday, and boy did it not

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Crock Pot Wednesday + How to Stop Receiving Junk Mail

crock pot pork chops

I have a confession: I kind of cheated. I did Crock Pot Wednesday on Monday this week because I was just too freakin’ pooped already. This week has been a doozie trying to catch-up on laundry, dishes, cooking, shopping, etc. from being gone last week. Side note – how can being gone ONE week feel

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An Unexpected Journey

an unexpected journey

This is a SUPER picture-loaded post, my friends. Apologies for that in advance! It’s been a very emotional, intense week for us which is why I haven’t posted in so long. An unexpected death in our family took my mom and I north to Republic, MI. That’s in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan (basically Canada,

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Weekend Recap + Egg in a Hole Benedict + Tomato and Garlic Hollandaise

egg in a hole benedict garlic tomato hollandaise

Before I get into the weekend’s festivities, I wanted to throw out a little humor. I saw this on Instagram and just had to share. I literally laughed out loud to myself. We had a great weekend with some sweet friends and their babies and family at a birthday party! Corey had a blast at

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Chicken + Dumplings & A Little Life Lately

chicken and dumplings

If you’re like me, when you hear Chicken + Dumplings, you think of the elementary cafeteria and the ‘mystery’ that would be slopped onto your plate and called Chicken + Dumplings. I had some friends who LIVED for Chicken + Dumpling Day. I was NOT one of those people. I dreaded that day. The soggy

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Favorite Apps

favorite apps

I know that you know that there’s an app for that, but I thought I’d throw even more apps at you to really get you boggled down with more technology. Just kidding – I really love technology and want to share what makes my life easier. I use most of these apps daily, some for

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